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Friend from the roof
              ------the story of Neko and Yellow Tiger

I live in a Hutong in Beijing. My home is a small Siheyuan with rooms on all sides and a courtyard in the middle.

My cat Neko grew up in my room. In the summer, we open the doors of every room for ventilation. Neko grew up not content with playing in the room and expanded his activities to the yard and the roof. Because the roofs of each house were connected to each other, Neko was able to travel far away and met a few stray cat friends.

One day on the roof I found him playing with a stray cat, whom I named Yellow Tiger because he had yellow fur and a low voice. I was curious about what they would see on the roof and what stories would happen, so I created a picture book to show their friendship.



@All Rights Reserved By Zishan Yang